Christmas Gift Ideas for Young Parents-to-Be

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Young Parents-to-Be

If you have young parents-to-be on your shopping list for this Christmas, there are some wonderful gift options open for you to choose from. You have the option of buying each of them a more traditional individual gift, gifting to them as a couple who are expecting, or gifting them something special to be used with their new baby.

When you are trying to decide what gift to give to a couple who will be having a baby, it is important to know how far along they are and when the baby is due. Personally, I generally don’t like to gift presents to be used for their baby until after the mom-to-be is in the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. Before then there is just too much that can go wrong and I don’t want my gift to turn into a sad reminder if something were to happen.

So, before this time I tend to gift either to the couple together or individually. What I give depends on how well I know the people and what their interests are.

When you will be gifting a couple who are expecting you have a unique option of giving them something that they can use before the baby comes or after. A good gift for before the baby comes is something like a day at a spa, movie theater tickets, and other outings which will be hard to attend once the baby is born. I like to take this opportunity to give the parents something which will help them relax and just simply have some fun.

When you are going to give a gift to be used with the new baby, try and stick to neutral colors if the baby’s sex is not known to you or the parents. You can choose from an endless supply of generic baby items at this point. You can do anything from a simple gift of cute clothing items or designer shoes, up to the gift of a crib or other furniture item.

As a parent, here are some gifts we received, or wished that we had, for holidays leading up to the birth of our children:

1. Diapers, diapers and yet more diapers. Seriously, babies use tons of diapers and even if the parents are planning on using cloth, disposables will still have to be used in some situations. Ask what their choice is, paper or cloth, and then go from there. Also, remember that babies are only very small for a very, very short period of time. Buy diapers which can be used when the baby is older than a newborn. A huge supply of diaper wipes are also needed and appreciated as gifts.

2. Generally a baby shower gives the parents more than enough cute clothing to last the baby through most of their first year. So, for holiday giving a good idea can be a basket of all of the essential items a baby needs in their first year of life. Examples include: diaper rash cream, teething gel, teethers and pacifiers, nail clippers, baby shampoo and body wash, and any other small items you can find in the baby aisle at any local store which you think the parents would enjoy having.

3. Furniture for the nursery can be expensive. However, if you and all of your family members go in on it together and split the cost, you can surprise the parents-to-be with a very nice sized gift certificate to your local furniture store. If you know what furniture they are looking for you also have the option of buying it and setting it up for them as well.

4. A good quality car seat which can last for years is a must have for all parents. However, going out and spending a couple hundred dollars on a car seat can be hard for young parents to do. This makes a car seat a great option.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas when you go Christmas shopping this year for the parents-to-be on your list.

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