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Arahman Mosque

Baghdad is visited by many tourists round the year. Arahman Mosque, Baghdad is one of the main attractions of the city. There are many beautiful sites of interest located in the city. There are many tombs, mosques and minarets across the capital city of Iraq. The city is known for its exquisite architectural sites. Arahman Mosque, Baghdad is one of the significant of all. Travelers who come to the city for a vacation must come to this site. It is one of the primary sites of attractions that is sure to catch your fancy.

Arahman Mosque, Baghdad is a magnificent piece of architecture. It is one of the most important sites that are renowned for its marvelous architecture. The site is one of the most prestigious Islamic sites that help one to understand the culture and heritage of the country. The different mosques are one of the most important sites of attraction for all. Any visitor to the city must visit the beautiful mosques of the city which also includes the beautiful Arahman Mosque. The mosque would attract large section of people from Iraq and rest of the world. It is believed to become of the primary sites of worship.

The Arahman Mosque in Baghdad is not yet complete. It is still under construction. After its completion it would be one of the latest sites of attraction in the city. The Saddam mosque is another mosque that is still under construction. It is believed that the Arahman Mosque in Baghdad would require 2 more years for its completion. The Saddam mosque would be completed in 2015. The Arahman mosque is being built in the famous horse-race area of the city. This site is located in the al-Mansour district of Baghdad.

If you visit the site recently you can see large cranes and machines working on this site. After its completion the mosque would be one of the most exquisite pieces of architecture. The site is well connected and easily accessible. Baghdad has a well developed system of transportation. There are varied means of transportation that one can avail to reach the site.

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