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Baghdad Zoo

Baghdad Zoo, Baghdad attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. As per statistics the zoo had some 1.5 million visitors in the year 2001. This is one of the popular tourist attractions in Baghdad. So if you are an animal lover then do not miss to check out the Baghdad Zoo, Baghdad.

A general overview of Baghdad Zoo, Baghdad

Baghdad Zoo was previously the largest zoo in the Middle East. The zoo had more than 650 animals. But much of the zoo was destroyed during the Operation Iraqi Freedom by the U.S. Then the American soldiers tried to rebuild the zoo. A joined coalition was made by the American Zoo and the Aquarium Association in order to bring the zoo to its original form. The coalition also had the Thula Thula Reserve in South Africa, logistics and animal experts attached to the South African office of the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The zoo was finally reopened in July 2003.

History of Baghdad Zoo, Baghdad

Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr built the Baghdad Zoo in the year 1971. The zoo was closed by late Saddam Hussein in the year 2002 in spring season for renovation.

Location of Baghdad Zoo, Baghdad

This particular zoo is located in the "green" zone. This area is commonly known as Al Zawraa Gardens. This is the most beautiful and popular park area in Baghdad. The area is home to most of the city palaces once occupied by Saddam Hussein, the ruler of Iraq ousted and executed by USA, and his government departments during his reign.

Things to see in Baghdad Zoo, Baghdad

Tourists coming to this particular zoo can view a lot many animals. Wildlife-lovers must pay a visit to this zoo. There are big cats, wild dogs and other carnivores like tigers, lions, elephants, leopards, beer, cheetah, deer and rhinoceros. You can also see crocodiles, zebras and various types of venomenous snakes and reptiles. The zoo also boasts of different types of exotic birds and endangered species.

After you have finished visiting the zoo then you can check out the other nearby popular sightseeing spots. These are the lovely Zawraa Amusement Park and beautiful Zawraa Tower.

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