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Shaheed Monument

Shaheed Monument, Baghdad is one of the beautiful monuments in the capital city of Baghdad in Iraq. Between 1970 and 1980, Saddam Hussein, the then President of Iraq, spent part of the government's oil revenue on new monuments and the beautification of Baghdad. Shaheed Monument, Baghdad is one of them.

A brief description on Shaheed Monument, Baghdad

Al-Shaheed Monument in Baghdad is commonly known as the Martyr's Memorial. The beautiful monument is one of the popular tourist attractions in Baghdad. Tourists going for a sightseeing trip must not fail to check out this particular monument. The monument was built in order to commemorate those Iraqi soldiers who died in the Iran-Iraq war.

Designer of Shaheed Monument, Baghdad

This wonderful monument was built by the famous designer namely Ismail Fattah Al-Turk. The monument was opened to the public in the year 1983.

Location of Shaheed Monument, Baghdad

This particular monument is just two miles east of the central Jumahuriya Bridge over the spectacular Tigris River. The monument is located near the Army Canal and this separates Sadr city from the rest of Baghdad.

Things to see in Shaheed Monument, Baghdad

Tourists can see a lot many things inside the particular monument. These are:

* Travelers will be surprised to see the 50 meter tall split green dome. This resembles the domes of Iranian mosques. The shells of this dome are made of a galvanized steel frame with glazed turquoise ceramic tile. In between the two halves of the split dome there is the eternal flame.
* The monument consists of a circular platform of 190 meters in diameter in the center of an artificial lake.
* Tourists coming here must pay a visit to the museum, library, lecture hall and exhibition gallery. You can listen to various seminars held inside the lecture hall.
* If you want to enjoy a hot cup of steaming coffee then go to the cafeteria. Here you can also get hold of some light crispy snacks.
* The monument also features parks, playground, parking space, walkways, bridges and the lake.

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