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Currently, Kurdistan is the only legally defined region within Iraq, with its own government and quasi-official militia, the Peshmerga. Basra Governorate is preparing to hold a referendum to establish a Basrah Region. Iraq itself is divided into eighteen governorates. The governorates are subdivided into districts.

1. Baghdad
2. Salah ad Din
3. Diyala
4. Wasit
5. Maysan
6. Al Basrah
7. Dhi Qar
8. Al Muthanna
9. Al-Qādisiyyah
10. Babil
11. Karbala
12. An Najaf
13. Al Anbar
14. Ninawa
15. Dahuk
16. Arbil
17. Kirkuk
18. Sulaymaniyah

The following governorates are within the region Iraqi Kurdistan:

* Dahuk
* Arbil
* Sulaymaniyah

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