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Jordan Brain Drain and Brain Gain

Jordan is an interesting case in the concept of brain drain and brain gain. There are several hundred thousand highly-skilled Jordanians that work in the oil rich Persian Gulf. The major pull reasons for Jordanians to work abroad are higher wages in wealthier nations, high unemployment and high cost of living with salaries barely able to reach self-sufficiency in their native country. Economist Hussem Ayesh said that Jordanians did not only want to make money just to cover for their daily needs, a result of high inflation and a hike in the cost of basic commodities; they also want to make savings but many would not be able to do that in Jordan, so they opt for a job abroad. Jordanians save the least in the entire MENA region with only 54% of residents save some of their montly wages. Amman was ranked as the Arab World's most expensive city in 2006 by the Economist Intelligence Unit, beating Dubai. In 2009, Amman ranked as the 4th most expensive city in the Arab World, behind Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Beirut.

These young college graduates work in the Persian Gulf where salaries are often three or even four times as much as salaries in Jordan. These expatriates work mainly in high-tech, engineering, construction, finance, and medicine sectors. Jordanian expatriates send their families about 2.7 billion dollars every year, helping sustain living standards for many Jordanian households.

However, Jordan is experiencing a brain gain from Iraq where highly skilled professionals are escaping the violence in their native country. These Iraqi expatriates mainly work in medicine, business, and education.

Jordan is also an importer of low skilled and semi-skilled laborers from Egypt, Syria, South Asia, Indonesia, and the Phillipines. There are about three to four hundred thousand migrant workers of this type. Recently, these migrant workers were incorporated into the Kingdom's labor laws giving them a wide range of benefits and rights and access to legal protection, the first Arab country to do so.

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