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Jordan Quality of Life

In the 2008 Quality of Life Index, Jordan was ranked as having one of the highest quality of life in the Arab World. Jordan also has one of the highest standard of living in the developing world with a highly educated population with access to advanced healthcare services in urban and rural areas. Jordan ranked as having the 11th highest standard of living in the developing world and the second highest standard of living in the Arab and Muslim World second only to the Occupied Territories as measured by the Human Poverty Index. Also, Jordan is a noticeably clean country.

Jordan spends 4.2% of its GDP to guarantee the well being of its citizens- more than any other country in the region. Life expectancy and public health levels in Jordan are comparable to the West with 70% of the population on medical insurance and plans to reach 100% in a couple of years. Also, the Social Security Corporation is working to increase social security subscribers across the Kingdom with public sector workers currently covered and working to include private sector employees as well. After employees in the Kingdom receive coverage, the SSC will then expand to include Jordanian expatriates in the Gulf states and then students, housewives, business owners, and the unemployed. The Social Security Corporation plans to have 85% of the population covered under the social security umbrella by 2011.

In 2008, the Jordanian government launched the "Decent Housing for a Decent Living" project aimed at giving poor people and even Palestinian refugees the chance at owning their own house. Approximately 120,000 affordable housing units will be constructed within the next 5 years, and an additional 100,000 housing units can be built if the need arises.

The main obstacle to Jordan's development is its troubled economy, but recent reforms have given the country an unprecedented economic boom. Several aspects of Jordan's quality of life include:

-Jordan has a highly educated workforce See: Education in Jordan

-Excellent health infrastructure See: Health in Jordan

-Relatively open socio-political environment See: Politics of Jordan and Human rights in Jordan

-Reliable infrastructure See: Communications in Jordan and Transport in Jordan

-A moderate climate See: Climate of Jordan and Geography of Jordan

-A growing economy See: Economy of Jordan

-Diverse ethnic and religious background See: Demographics of Jordan

-Political stability See: History of Jordan

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