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Kuwait Tourism
Kuwait Zoological Park

Kuwait Zoological Park is one of the very popular tourist hot spots of the country. The Kuwait tourism has grown because of such beautiful places like Kuwait Zoological Park. The Zoo is present in Omarrya on Airport Road, which is in the outskirts of the Kuwait City. Kuwait Zoological Park is spread over a sprawling area of about 180,000 square meters of a parkland. During the Iraqi occupation of the country, Kuwait Zoological Park was completely destroyed and most of the wild life had succumbed to the devastation. However Kuwait Zoological Park was once again developed through a sincere process of reconstruction. The park reopened for the crowds on February 1993.

Zoological Park in Kuwait – Key Features

The zoo is a home to numerous species of birds, animals, insects and reptiles. The tigers, zebras, lions, elephants and giraffes of Kuwait Zoological Park are the key attractions. Every tourist makes it a point to visit the Kuwait Zoological Park. The place is a hot favorite with kids who love to gaze at the animals and learn about them.

Strolling through the Kuwait Zoological Park serves as a good way of passing time.

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Kuwait Tourism
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