Lebanon Travel Guide

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Lebanon Governorates and Districts

Lebanon is divided into six governorates which are further subdivided into twenty-five districts. The districts themselves are also divided into several municipalities, each enclosing a group of cities or villages. The governorates and their respective districts are listed below:

* Beirut Governorate
- The Beirut Governorate is not divided into districts and is limited to the city of Beirut

* Nabatieh Governorate (Jabal Amel)
- Bint Jbeil
- Hasbaya
- Marjeyoun
- Nabatieh

* Beqaa Governorate
- Baalbek
- Hermel
- Rashaya
- Western Beqaa (al-Beqaa al-Gharbi)
- Zahle

* North Governorate (al-Shamal)
- Akkar
- Batroun
- Bsharri
- Koura
- Miniyeh-Danniyeh
- Tripoli
- Zgharta

* Mount Lebanon Governorate (Jabal Lubnan)
- Aley
- Baabda
- Byblos (Jbeil)
- Chouf
- Keserwan
- Matn

* South Governorate (al-Janoub)
- Jezzine
- Sidon (Saida)
- Tyre (Sur)

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Lebanon Travel Informations and Lebanon Travel Guide
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