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Lebanon Tourist Attraction - Beirut

Outstanding and mysterious, shady and giving, Beirut is a city which provides and conceals simultaneously.

The wild ecstasy of movement. Bursting with sunshine, Beirut is brimming over with life. From the sea cornice to streets swarming with people, the effervescence is constant. Moreover, Beirut, capital of Lebanon, is also an important money market and business meeting point for all the businessmen of the region.

In praise of variety. Beirut is a melting pot of many cultures and shelters an incredible variety of languages, nationalities and religions. Thus, many remarkable contrasts appear in the streets: churches and mosques stand side by side, water pipe smokers of the harbour and peaceful fishermen mix with frenzied jogging and mountain-biking aficionados. In this environment large panoplies of different ways of living co-exists.

Savour the ambiance. A maze of alleys with rich colours makes the time stand still in Beirut. Each house shows you its unique refinements and architectural elegance, where the bright colours of the façades reply to the adornments of wrought iron and carved wood.

Nightlife heaven. Beirut never sleeps. At sunset, party lights take over. In restaurants, coffee-rooms, pubs and clubs, Beirut’s nights are bewitching: with soft or crazy music, the ochre streets are wonderfully lit, and party all night. Whether you prefer romantic dinners or endless dance nights, gastronomic cuisine or quick snacks, early-to-bed or late rising; Beirut lives, dances, sings and laughs at all times.

Creativity. Beirut has always encouraged artistic creativity thanks to its diversity and open-mindedness. Its cultural life is constantly growing: concerts, festivals, exhibitions, art galleries and opportunities to meet creators are all found in this city.

Travel Quotes:

To travel is to take a journey into yourself. Danny Kaye

There comes a moment on a journey when something sweet, something irresistible and charming as wine raised to thirsty lips, wells up in the travellers being. Patrick MacGill

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