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Lebanon Tourist Attraction - Tyre (Sour)

From here, Princess Elissa fled to found the city of Carthage and cedar trees were offered for building Solomon’s temple, while Alexander the Great dived to a clear harbor and took the reins…

Tyre… It is a beguiling combination of a fascinating shingle beach, forever associated with the magical expanse of the Mediterranean, and the charm of the quaint town brimming with archeological treasures.

A first glimpse at Tyre will allow you to successfully capture the magnificence of the coast, encompassing tiny fishing ports, sweeping bays, and ancient harbors. You also can’t fail but notice the unique interaction of sea meeting land, as well as man's influence on the coast.

As you delve into the heart of the city, you will find yourself immersed in an open-air archaeological museum. 5,000 years of history and a heap of civilizations stamped the city and left a treasure-trove of remnants.

A walk along a colonnaded road that winds down to the harbor will allow you to savor a spectacle of Byzantine mosaics, ruins of a Roman arena, an extensive Roman bathhouse complex, not to mention the nearby Crusader Cathedral.

Further east of the city beckons Hay El-Ramel, or the “Quarter of Sand,” the causeway built by Alexander the Great, the fine monumental arch towering over an ancient Roman road, and an extensive Roman necropolis.

The Roman hippodrome, the largest in the world, will overwhelm you with its grandeur. You will be transported back into a bygone era as you envision the death-defying chariot races and hear the cheering crowd seated on the enormous stone stands.

Steeped in antiquity, Tyre’s historical splendor can transport body and mind to a bygone era while its natural beauty can feed the soul.

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