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The city of Salalah, the administrative capital of Dhofar Governorate, lies on the Arabian Sea, around 1,040 Km from Muscat. The city has been subject to many historical and archaeological studies over the years and evidence has been found in the form of writing, inscriptions and signs indicating that a number of different civilisations have succeeded each other here, such as the ruins of Al-Blaid and Samhuram ancient cities.

The city also encapasses Nabi Ayoub Tomb, housed in a small destictive doomed building surrounded by green hills as well as the Tomb of Prophit Omran.

Not all the sights in Salalah belong to the past, however. The city contains stunning beaches and steep, mountainous landscapes. The city has also a number of springs such as Ain Sahnot, Ain Rzat and Ain Hamran, around which the parks and gardens were setup. Salalah is quickly developing as a tourist resort and is attracting a number of international hotel chains like Hilton and Crowne Plaza.

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