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Palestine Tourism - Natal, Rio Grande do Norte

Natal is the capital city of Rio Grande do Norte, a northeastern state in Brazil. As of the IBGE July 2009, the city had a total population of 806,203. Natal is considered by IPEA, the safest capital city in the country.

It was founded on a Christmas Day on December 25, 1599 by Portuguese settlers and for a time by Dutch settlers. During the World War II, the city had a small but important participation in this war, served as an airbase to the United States due to its privileged geographical position, the "Corner of the Continent." Until today, the city has a small American influence. Currently, the city is in the process of growth and future may become the next Brazilian metropolis.

The implementation of the Via Costeira, 10 km long avenue along the shore and the dunes, was the true starting point for the beginning of tourist activity in the State in the 1980s. That is where the main hotels and restaurants of the capital city, Natal, are concentrated. Improvements in tourist infrastructure and conservation of the natural heritage, beyond the city's afforestation are some of the actions given priority ever since by the state government. One of the highlights was the creation of the Dunas Park, which aims to preserve the chain of sand dunes that surround the city and is the second largest urban park in Brazil.

It is the nearest Brazilian capital of Europe and paradise islands of Fernando de Noronha, attracting around two million tourists a year who seek various attractions. Natal became the entry gate to the beautiful beaches of the State of Rio Grande do Norte. Many of them are still semi-wild, such as Pipa beach and Maracajaú beach; and others are the liveliest, Genipabu, Pirangi beach and Ponta Negra.

The city also has one of the largest off-season carnivals in Brazil, called Carnatal, which is very different from the samba school parade, popular in Rio de Janeiro. In addition, the notable is a Festa Junina that occurs in many cities of the state in particular the city of Mossoró.

Other tourist attractions of Natal are: the Maior cajueiro do mundo demonstrated by the Guinness Book, the Morro do Careca, a large dune; Newton Navarro bridge, one of the largest bridges in Brazil, besides "Parrachos" of Maracajaú and Pirangi, where the sea is the most crystalline and suitable for diving. Natal also has historical attractions, including the Forte dos Reis Magos, a medieval fortress; the house of Luís da Câmara Cascudo, one of the most notable in Brazilian folklore; and the Rampa, a former passenger station, transport connection and seaplane base, built during World War II. Moreover, there is the Alberto Maranhão Theatre and the Barreira do Inferno Launch Center, the first base to launch rockets from Brazil.

The Augusto Severo International Airport connects Natal with many Brazilian cities and also operates some international flights. The city is home to the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte.

The city was one of twelve chosen to receive the football matches of 2014 FIFA World Cup, and is building a football stadium, the Dunas Arena, and a new airport, the Greater Natal International Airport, to be the largest airport in Latin America.

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