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Qatar Tourism - Alia Island

Qatar, a Middle Eastern country, is a peninsula situated in the Arabian Gulf. The country is surrounded by water on three sides. There lie a number of islands on the water bodies surrounding the country that fall within the chorographic domain of Qatar. Alia Island is one of the main islands of Qatar. The other islands include Shrao Island, Al Saflia Island, Haloul Island and Ishat Island.

Alia Island is situated to the west of Al Saflia Island. Al Saflia is a tiny island with an area of only 0.8 square kilometers. Alia Island is a slightly bigger landmass having an area of over 2 square kilometers approximately.

Alia Island is connected to the mainland of Qatar by means of water transport like boats and speed boats. Doha, the capital city of Qatar, is a tourist hub in all seasons. The tourists on a trip to Doha can sail to the neighboring islands. Qatar Tourism organizes excursions to the various islands and the tourists have the opportunity to relax and slacken during the visit.

The tourists enjoy the cool water of the blue gulf, the pleasant sea breeze, the warm sun and the snug and cozy beach of the Alia Island and return with a memorable experience of their stay. Tourism in Alia Island has therefore developed and prospered over the years.

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