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Qatar Tourism - Al Ruwais

Al Ruwais is the traditional home of the Arabic Bedouin tribes for hundreds of years. The changing economic region of the Emirate of Qatar has compelled many of the indigenous tribes to radically change their profession and way of life.

The Bedouins of Al Ruwais are the people who live in the Sahara desert. These people followed a nomadic way of life. They pastor their animals. The pastoring makes an economic contribution to the Bedouin community. Pastoral animals reared by the Bedouins in Qatar include domesticated animals like goat and cattle. The Bedouins in Al Ruwais are divided into a number of tribes. The tribal system is based on certain linguistic and ethnic commonalities. The community is extremely independent and has a separate system of justice that is apart from the laws of the country. Disputes are settled within the community framework.

The settlement of Al Ruwais reflects the current trends of modern Bedouins. Changing global realities and political equations have compelled the tribes to discard their nomadic way of life. Contemporary Bedouin lifestyle at Al Ruwais is more synchronized with modern society. The nomadic life is abandoned. A majority of Bedouins have settled down and work under an employer to attain a better standard of life.

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