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Qatar Tourism - Al Zubara

Al Zubara is an important historical place in Qatar. In the 18th century, Al Zubara became a large commercial region. It is a good place for Qatar attraction. Al Zubara is located113 kilometers from Doha, the capital of Qatar. Al Zubara has been a popular Qatar attraction for tourists as this city holds a significant archaeological site. Only a fort remains, restored and changed into the Al-Zubara Regional Museum.

The city of Al Zubara, a noted item in Qatar tourism, has its old fortress. The Al Zubara fort was built in 1938, under supervision of Qatari Sheikh 'Abdu'llah bin Qasim Al-Thani. This fort brings back remembrances of French Foreign Legion. The fort was restored in 1987 as a museum. The place is lonesome, however a great historical spot to enjoy. History and cultural heritage of the region is promoted to some extent by the Al Zubara fort. Many historical items and local artifacts are exhibited.

Al Zubara Regional Museum is in the shape of a square. There are towers in all sides of the museum of those are circular in shape and the fourth one is rectangular. Climbing the towers is not difficult. There are fishing villages nearby. Al Zubara people are very cordial and friendly. Simplicity in the ground of history blended with modern tourism makes Al Zubara a place of significance.

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