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Saudi Arabia Tourism
Al Maktaba Park

The Al Maktaba Park is situated in Olaya Quarter North East of King Fahd Library on Olaya Street in Saudi Arabia. The Al Maktaba Park was opened in the year 1410 Hijrah and it covers an area of 221,000 square meters.

The Al Maktaba Park has an artificial pool, which meanders in an east-west direction. The banks of this pool are stone-built. There is a waterfall, which flows towards this artificial pool and lies opposite to the entrance gate. There are wide pass ways cemented with sand bricks in vibrant colors, which allow the visitors to walk through the park.

There are several resting places for the visitors in the Al Maktaba Park, which are shaded by thick branched trees. There are sitting places even around the fountains and green areas. The Clock Tower is the most amazing thing in the Al Maktaba Park. It is a six meters high concrete tower clock, which can be seen from a distance. There are plentiful options for kids’ recreation. There are two sites on the northern side, two on the southern side and one of the children’s parks even has electrical games and equipments.

The Al Maktaba Park is open on all weekdays from 3pm to 9 p.m. during winters and from 4 pm to 11 p.m. during the summer months. The park is closed on Sundays for maintenance purposes. The entry fee for adults is 2 Saudi Riyal and for children it is 1 Saudi Riyal.

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Saudi Arabia Tourism
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