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Saudi Arabia Tourism

Habalah is a spectacular destination of Saudi Arabia, which was formerly a village. Now that the place is deserted, the secluded houses have become popular destinations for tourists. The name Habalah means the hanging village. Actually, the village is located on the top of a cliff, which is about one thousand feet high. This cliff cannot be accessed by roadways. Habalah happens to be the first place to be communicated by cable car.

The houses lie at a distance of about a hundred meters from the cable car station. When the Habalah village was inhabited by people, the daily means of living were availed to the villagers by means of a strong rope, which was tied to an iron rope. The tourists to the Habalah village look forward to the spectacularly carved doorways of the village houses. The view of the valley and the terraced fields from the cliff is sensational.

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Saudi Arabia Tourism
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