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Saudi Arabia Tourism
Madain Saleh

Madain Saleh is located on the northwestern part of Saudi Arabia. Madain Saleh lies several hundred kilometers away from Medina city and is now mostly an uninhabited city. Madain Saleh is home to 131 tombs, out of which 45 have Aramaic inscriptions above the doorway. Madain Saleh is a must-visit spot in Saudi Arabia that offers a spectacular site of beauty and majesty.

Madain Saleh was designed by the Nabetians, who were the creators of Petra as well. Nabataeans considered Madain Saleh as their second capital after Petra and they developed this city mainly to control the northwestern Arabia. Madain Saleh was an important trading stopover destination for incense-dealers from Egypt, Syria, Byzantium, southern Arabia and other nearby places. The spectacular stone tombs, which have added a special glory to the city of Madain Saleh, had been carved between 100 BC to AD 100. The current name of the city, i.e. Madain Saleh was given to it by an Andalusian traveler.

The tombs of Madain Saleh are in a much better condition than those found in Petra because the stone found in these areas is harder than that of Petra. The mountains in the region look like snow-capped Alps after sunset and offer an extremely magnificent site for tourists.

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