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Saudi Arabia Tourism

Mecca is the Holy city of the Muslims and is situated in Saudi Arabia. Each year, this city is visited by thousands of Muslims all over the world, who undertake the journey of the Hajj. Hajj is the tradition among Muslims to visit the city of Mecca at least once in their life time and the Quran recommends this spiritual journey for all able bodied men and women. The Ka'ba, which is a rectangular brick building, was built by Ibrahim and his son Ismail. Close by is the great mosque of Al- Haram. This place has been considered holy since times before Muhammad.

Between the mountains and the mosque, there are many houses. In fact the city of Mecca or Makka is home to more than 1.4 million Saudis according to a 2003 survey. Mecca, being visited by innumerable pilgrims from all over the world, is very well facilitated by transportation and communication. The city has its regional airport for the convenience of the travelers.

Formerly, the city of Mecca was known by the name of Macoraba. Before Prophet Muhammad took over the city, the place had been occupied by non-Muslim tribes. After the take over, these faiths gradually lost popularity and finally lost all allegiance. After Muhammad, the city of Mecca had been occupied first by the Egyptian Mamluks and then by the Ottoman Sultans before being taken over by King Ibn Saud.

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Saudi Arabia Tourism
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