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Saudi Arabia Tourism
Riyadh Museum of History and Archaeology

Riyadh Museum of History and Archaeology is located to the west of Al-Bathaa and provides a complete insight into the history, art and culture of Saudi Arabia. The Riyadh Museum of History and Archaeology is one of the most popular and major tourist destination sites and the museum is exceptionally remarkable for an educational tour.

The Museum of History and Archaeology in Riyadh is a colossal museum and comprises eight sections. These eight sections are based on different themes like—The Prophet’s Mission, Islam and the Arabian Peninsula, Unification, Jahiliyah, Arabian Kingdoms, 1st and 2nd Saudi States and Hajj and the Two Holy Mosques.

The Museum of History and Archaeology at Riyadh displays the articles and items which belong to the Stone Age. One can even see the clothes, instruments and accessories which were used by people of this age. Small children can have a glimpse of the pre-historic man and how they used to look. The articles and items which have been excavated from different sites are worth taking a look as these are unique and rare. One can also check out the special sections which deal with the history of the whole city and country of Saudi Arabia. There is a huge display of ancient stones, weapons, portraits, paintings, ancient memorabilia and silver coins.

One needs to buy a ticket of worth 15 Saudi Riyal in order to get admission in the Riyadh Museum of History and Archaeology.

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Saudi Arabia Tourism
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