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Saudi Arabia Tourism
Shoaib Heraimelah

Shoaib Heraimelah is a valley, which lies about 86 km away from the city of Riyadh. The most nearby village of Shoaib Heraimelah is Heraimelah and the nearest parks are Salboukh and Ghiyanah.

The Shoaib Heraimelah valley is generally flat, except at the base of the valley, which is filled up with stones and pebbles. The valley is absolutely serene and is covered with tall acacia trees. Though the Shoaib Heraimelah can be visited any time of the year, the best time to visit the Shoaib Heraimelah valley is during the spring season especially for people who love adventure trips. The valley is filled up with green trees and blooming flowers during the spring season. Visitors can spend some quality time and relax sitting and enjoying under the shades of the acacia trees.

The journey towards the Shoaib Heraimelah valley starts from north Salboukh road. At the junction point of the north Salboukh road with the north ring road, tourists need to drive further northwards and then they can find the exit to Heraimelah village. After driving further straight on the road, tourists can find the sand road, which marks the beginning of the Shoaib Heraimelah valley. The valley of Shoaib Heraimelah has two branches and the one on the left is known as Abu Ghatadah.

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Saudi Arabia Tourism
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