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Syria Tourism, Syria Tourist Attraction - Aleppo

Aleppo is Syria's second largest city known as halab by the locals. It has been a trading centre since Roman times. It is a great place with its fascinating covered souqs, citadel, museum and khans. The citadel dominates the city at the eastern end of the souqs. A bridge on the southern side, leading to the 12th-century fortified gate, spans its moat. Inside, the fort is mostly ruins, but the throne room above the entrance has been lavishly restored. The only surviving buildings from the original citadel are a small 12th-century mosque and the 13th-century great mosque. The fabulous covered souqs are the city's main attractions. On the northern edge of the souqs is the Great Mosque Al-Jamaa al-Kebir, with a freestanding minaret built in 1090. The city's National Museum has a fine collection of artefacts from Mari, Ebla and Ugarit.

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Syria Tourism
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