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Yemen Tourism - Geological Museum in Yemen

Geological Museum in Yemen is indeed one of the most important tourist attractions of the city. Tourists from all across the globe come here to see its rich collection. In the true sense, it reflects the cultural diversity of the Yemenis. In 1999, under the initiative of the Ministry of Oil and Minerals, the first geological museum was established in Yemen. This museum was set up as a sub-department of the General Department for Information in the geological survey and mineral resources board.

The Geological Museum in Yemen comprises a number of departments responsible for collecting and examining the samples of the old equipments required for mining activities. The museum is visited by school children, university students, local people and international tourists. Besides reflecting the cultural heritage, it also serves educational purposes.

The principal aims of this Geological Museum, Yemen are as follows:

The educational goal- the contents of it are associated with ancient samples of geology and serves as an educational tool for the Yemenis students. The museum has a wide stock of maps and photos that are used by the pupils to obtain relevant information about stones and minerals.

Apart from this, the museum also works towards the achievement of historical, economic and cultural goal.

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Yemen Tourism
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