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Yemen Tourism - Marib

Marib is situated in the eastern part of Yemen. Anyone visiting this splendid Yemenis place will come across different kinds of natural landscapes. There are majestic hills, deserts, green valleys and plains located close to Marib. The most remarkable valley that is considered to be the centre of attraction in Marib is the Wadi Dhanah or Shebe Valley. It is nestled along the coasts on which the Sabean dynasty flourished.

Marib, a famous old city of Yemen, has been a popular tourist destination for a long period of time. This ancient city, is located on the Sabean plains. It is on the fringes of the eastern Yemen desert named Mafazet Saihad’. It is assumed that the geographic position of Marib has helped it to acquire much historical In the past, the city used to regulate the old incense routes.

While taking a trip around Marib, one can visit the Great Marib Dam. Some other tourist attractions of Marib are as follows:

* The Sacred Bilquis Temple
* The Sabean well
* Diversion Dam
* The Throne of Bilquis
* Al-Jufainah Dam

From the above discussion it is quite clear that without a visit to Marib a holiday trip to Yemen is indeed an incomplete one.

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