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Yemen Tourism - Thola

Thola is one of the most alluring places to visit in Yemen. Since a long time this Yemenis city of Thola is treated as one of the most interesting historical sites and is assumed to be named after Tola bin Lobakha bin Iqian bin Himiar Al-Asghar.

Thola is situated almost 54 km north of west Sana'a, the Yemenis old city. Being located amidst majestic natural landscapes, it has succeeded to enrapture all the international tourists with its rustic charm. This city is nestled roughly 2400 meter above the ocean surface.

There is a series of attractions in Thola, Yemen. While on a trip around this city, the places that cannot miss your eyes include modern edifices, markets, grand palaces and a number of places of worship, such as the Al-Motahir Bin Imam Sharafidin mosque. This sacred place is constructed on a hilltop.

Thola is indeed one of the top destinations in Yemen. The unspoilt natural beauty and the rustic charm of this place will definitely mesmerize the tourists coming to this city for a holiday. With the course of time the accommodation facility is also fast developing in order to cater the needs of the international travelers.

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